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"Besties", The Prequel story to Krono Keeper.

“Besties” is the prequel story to Krono Keeper about the main character Fray and her best friend Royce as they make their way through their daily lives. 

“There are times in life where you look back at where you came from to be here now. It’s crazy to think how much my life has changed. The powers I’ve gained. And yet, I would never have become who I am now if you hadn’t inspired me. Your kindness. Your endless patience. Your friendship. But you know, I’ve learned something lately that I wanted to share: A hero is only as strong as those who stand behind them. It’s crazy how much being BESTIES changed my world.”

Krono Keeper

Krono Keeper is a Motion WebComic being produced in full 3D. The comic follows the tale of Fray in her cyber-steampunk world of Learsiy. This adventure story of hers is filled with action, mystery, friendship and a small dash of romance. 

Join us on our quest of creating a very unique style of long-form storytelling and building a fantastic online community. Please make sure to follow our Facebook Page (and eventually Patreon Community) for updates and discussion. You can also track our progress of the project on our Pre-Production page here:

“I offer you this choice, but make it wisely.

Not for the physical strength, but for the mental fortitude.

Not for the swords or shields, but for the people behind them.

Not for the victories, but for the lessons along the journey.

Not for just the people known and cherished,

But for all who need your help.

Know now that loss is essential and struggle is inevitable.

I ask of you a heavy burden that presents itself as a gift.

In the darkest days, know that I will be there;

But only you can choose the path.”


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