So here we have a collection of art that was created through out the development process of concept and building Krono Keeper. Even through we planned the series to be built with 3D characters and environment, we spent a long time in 2d paintings and drawings thinking about how we wanted the characters and world to look.


This section is various development art, from the early days of exploration sketches to the more recent solidified drawings/paintings.

This is a collection of the earliest concept pieces Jenn did of the main character Fray and her alter-ego Krono. The whole story started with this character and grew from there. You can see Jenn started with exploration drawings in different styles and various poses and emotional states. All in an attempt to understand the character’s visual design and personality.

After that came a long process of exploring the character. This was a process of defining and redefining the character’s history and personality as well as their visual design. It was a long and slow process. Each iteration an attempt to make the character more interesting and engaging with the audience.


Blanc has gone through ALOT of revision and changes since we began planning the story. Now he is very much his own character and personality. It’s been a fun journey seeing him evolve in persona and visuals from a bounty hunter to a white knight. Blanc is Fray/Krono’s Partner in “crime” as they go on missions to fight against the under belly of the city.

Here is a set of early development images and ideas that we worked through. Jenn kept pushing the character trying to find a look and feel that worked with who we needed this character to be. It took time and revisions, but we got there eventually.

As you can see, after a few attempts, we started getting going in the right direction but it took time. One of the main things we had to change early on was the hair color as we needed to add a different male character to the story (Fray’s childhood friend Royce) and we didn’t want them being confused with each other. Which is where you get the next set of images where the idea of Blanc became more refined.


Royce is an interesting character, he was our third addition to the story. We wanted Fray to be grounded in her down time with people who didn’t know she was Krono. Enter Royce, her childhood friend who is a guard for the city. Royce has also gone through some revisions and changes over time. Again, we realized early on that we needed to separate and define the different male characters with strong visual differences. Which was the main motivating factor for the changes he went through.


A more recent addition to the cast has been Zenith. Zen came about for a number of different reasons. First we felt that as the story progressed there was a need to bring in another ally to fill a void in the team and the plot. Enter Zen, a nobleman of the city who is a magic user.

Other Characters

The rest of the character cast for the story is still under development. However, we do have some images of the characters we have worked on so far. Please note that some of these sketches are very old and very rough. More updates to come in the future.