We have made a lot of concept art in our process of creating Krono Keeper and not all of it is shown or represented here. What you see here is a continuous progression of ideas from very rough beginning stages all the way toward more refined concepts of who these characters are and what they look like. The truth is, they will probably keep changing right up until we build the final version of them in 3D, and even then we will probably keep making adjustments.

Concept Art of Krono/Fray

When working on the concept of Fray/Krono, we considered a lot of different art styles, body types, and so on. But we always knew we wanted her to be a strong female protagonist with bright red hair.

Concept Art of Blanc:

Blanc has gone through ALOT of revision and changes since we began planning the story. Now he is very much his own character and personality. It’s been a fun journey seeing him evolve in persona and visuals from a bounty hunter to a white knight. Blanc is Fray/Krono’s Partner in “crime” as they go on missions to fight against the under belly of the city.

Concept Art of Other charatcers: Royce, Victory, Kade, ect.

We have various secondary characters that fill out the cast of the story, the most important being Royce (Fray’s Best Friend), Kade (her mentor), and Victoria (Fray’s Rival).